Eggs Kejriwal

Eggs. A super versatile and easy to use ingredient in our pantry. Right from snacks, salad, main course to desserts, egg can find its way into a meal. Here is Eggs Kejriwal. A dish that was discovered in bylanes of Mumbai is now a much loved one all over. And restaurants have their variations to … Continue reading Eggs Kejriwal

Naani Wali Achaar

It is an established fact that nothing can beat Maa ke hath ka khana . With all the love poured onto the plate , the simplest of meals can give you a taste of bliss. I always wondered How . They make simple food . Nothing much Fancy or very technical. But its always a … Continue reading Naani Wali Achaar

Gulab Ki Thandi Kheer

The summers are just starting here in lonavla . Its much warmer now . So something thats cooling and soothing is such a relief ! Chawal ki kheer is something all of us know I guess. It doesn’t really need an introduction. Simple. Humble. Yet so versatile. I love Roses. Its such an intriguing flavor, … Continue reading Gulab Ki Thandi Kheer