Sindhi Lola !

Monsoons at its peak has its benefits . It calls for all warm and cozy food. Lola is like comfort food to me, coz whenever i would get a cold or fever, my mother would make this for me. And most of the times, we would have this as our dinner as well. People call … Continue reading Sindhi Lola !

Fudge Malt Cookies

Do you enjoy a cookie that is just the right amount of crispy and soft, all at the same time. Well this cookie is. Crisp on the edges and soft centered , these cookies are adorable . Horlicks is like nostalgia packed into a jar for me. All of my school, I preferred it over … Continue reading Fudge Malt Cookies

Pumpkin Halwa Tart

As i celebrate 2000+ followers on Facebook , i am also thankful for the love i am receiving for my blog. Every message in my inbox , every request for a recipe brings upon a smile on my face. This blog was just a small step , but today its my identity in a way. … Continue reading Pumpkin Halwa Tart