Know Sous vide !

  It is a French term that means ‘under vacuum’. It is the first and only cooking method that provides precise control of the temperature at which the food is cooked. In essence, it is a more refined version of boil-in-a-bag cooking. The two-step process involves sealing food in a bag with a vacuum sealer, … Continue reading Know Sous vide !

A bit about Yeast .

I had a opportunity to make quite a few doughnuts this week . I am not too much used to handling yeast given the weather conditions here. I just thought let me get a clearer picture about various types of yeasts available in the market. I have worked with fresh yeast in the past and … Continue reading A bit about Yeast .

Baking with less sugar

Once you learn how sugar works in baking, you’ll understand better how removing it affects the shelf life, texture, appearance, and, of course, taste in desserts. Here are the myriad roles that sugar plays in baking. Adds sweetness Attracts and holds moisture Creates tenderness in pastries Aids in browning Deepens colour and flavour Lowers freezing … Continue reading Baking with less sugar

Baking Q & A

  Today i have a few basic questions answered from the book ” The baking answer book “. For budding bakers, usually google comes to rescue . But i somehow prefer to rely more on the books . Here are few ingredients which are gaining importance in todays baking. Apart from that are a few … Continue reading Baking Q & A