I hoard recipes . I dont even remember how many books or recipes i have . I just collect them with a hope that i’ll make them some day. This is one of those many recipes. The recipe called for a meat hammer or a mallet.Which dint have….. So i called one from OXO. Its … Continue reading Murg-E-Khaas

Seyal Paav

Seyal is a sindhi word which means stir fried. We make seyal paav, seyal maani ( which is stir fried rotis ) , seyal bhaji and even seyal rice. This dish is perfect as an evening snack or for breakfast . Its filling and a good break from the usual parathas. Normally it is onions, … Continue reading Seyal Paav

Saagwala Chicken

  My family usually has the typical onion tomato gravy based chicken every time. But i wanted to try this recipe since long. So when dad told me that had saagwala chicken at a wedding sometime back , and it was a yummy option , i decided to make it my way. Thr gravy is … Continue reading Saagwala Chicken

Rose Jaggery Halwa

Finally Diwali is here. Happy Diwali to all my lovely follwers. Its my sons first Diwali this year , which makes it super special for me. Anyways I love Diwali for the festive spirit it brings in . Though I am not a fan of the firecrackers. I might as well donate that money for … Continue reading Rose Jaggery Halwa

Banoffee :)

Few months back , i had a really nice banoffee pie at a restaurant in mumbai . I had never tried banoffee at home. But the one we had that day compelled me to make this one. Morever when a friend texts you to make it, it becomes more a reason to do it ASAP. … Continue reading Banoffee 🙂