Our Hidden Gem : The Ghee

‘ Tere Muh me ghee shakkar ‘ , something all of us must have heard at some point in life. This statement itself proves how pious ghee is considered . No havan is complete without ghee being put into the agni. Ghee has been used for lot of purposes in India. Food being the top …


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I hoard recipes . I dont even remember how many books or recipes i have . I just collect them with a hope that i’ll make them some day. This is one of those many recipes. The recipe called for a meat hammer or a mallet.Which dint have….. So i called one from OXO. Its … Continue reading Murg-E-Khaas

Seyal Paav

Seyal is a sindhi word which means stir fried. We make seyal paav, seyal maani ( which is stir fried rotis ) , seyal bhaji and even seyal rice. This dish is perfect as an evening snack or for breakfast . Its filling and a good break from the usual parathas. Normally it is onions, … Continue reading Seyal Paav