Anda Thumwala

This Gravy is a very typically sindhi gravy. Some people put eggs , some put prawns or even fish . For vegetarians, mushroom tastes pretty good and so does our naive Tinda. This is one recipe that can be made in a jiffy. By the time the eggs are done , the gravy is done … Continue reading Anda Thumwala

Know Sous vide !

  It is a French term that means ‘under vacuum’. It is the first and only cooking method that provides precise control of the temperature at which the food is cooked. In essence, it is a more refined version of boil-in-a-bag cooking. The two-step process involves sealing food in a bag with a vacuum sealer, … Continue reading Know Sous vide !

Carrot &

    Rains. Just the perfect time for a lot of things, a cuppa coffee, a slice of cake , bhajiyas and a good bowl of wholesome soup . The combination of carrots and plum is exceptionally good . Carrots are somewhat sweetly bland and the plums are sweet and sour at the same time. … Continue reading Carrot &

A bit about Yeast .

I had a opportunity to make quite a few doughnuts this week . I am not too much used to handling yeast given the weather conditions here. I just thought let me get a clearer picture about various types of yeasts available in the market. I have worked with fresh yeast in the past and … Continue reading A bit about Yeast .