Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Brookie . This term came into fashion after a Masterchef Australia Contestant floored the judges with a cookie that was a cross between a cookie and a brownie and was called Brookie. Many bloggers across the world attempted their own versions. This recipe has been adapted from Sallys baking addiction , with little tweaks made …


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Gulab Ki Thandi Kheer

The summers are just starting here in lonavla . Its much warmer now . So something thats cooling and soothing is such a relief ! Chawal ki kheer is something all of us know I guess. It doesn’t really need an introduction. Simple. Humble. Yet so versatile. I love Roses. Its such an intriguing flavor, … Continue reading Gulab Ki Thandi Kheer

Gimme Some Sugar !!

Flavour your mornings with some speciality sugars . Use them in your baking or sprinkle over your toast , they take your food to another altitude altogether . If adding wet ingredients to your Flavored Sugar Recipes, shake them well in a larger container, then let them air dry. They will clump a little while … Continue reading Gimme Some Sugar !!